Atlantic Food Export recently exhibited at the International Sial food and beverage trade show in Paris. Taking a bit of time to show off our latest industry innovations.

SIAL Paris was a unique opportunity for our food & beverage industry professionals to reach a wide audience and showcase the latest innovations across different industries. Check out our video diary and keep in touch for more exporting exploits over the next few months. 


AAFE, the EU-funded food and drink programme for SMEs, which ran from June 2017 has ended with an evaluation meeting held in Bordeaux France on 31 May 2023.  

The innovative AAFE programme provided extensive training and mentoring to food and drink SMEs across the Atlantic Area regions of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, France, Spain, and Portugal. 

With a total budget €1.8 Million over the project lifetime aimed at assisting Food and drink SME’S undertake market study tours and trade missions across five European markets, and to help provide further training and support services for SMEs, helping them to analyse their current status and formulating recommendations for action towards developing exports.  

You can find below some promotional material highlighting the achievements and activity of the project. 

AFE Final booklet Spain  AFE Final booklet English  AFE Final booklet France  AFE Final booklet Portugal

AFE 5 steps to Export

NI Press release final June 2023