Project Description

Baa Brewing

Baa Brewing was formed in 2015 when a collaboration amongst friends with a shared passion for fine quality beer led us to open the first brewery in Chepstow for over 600 years. The key to the business is having the expertise and market leading skills of Master Brewer, Jeremy Stead. Jeremy has over 35 years of experience in the brewing industry. Under his guidance we use only the finest quality, freshest ingredients to craft our premium beers. The founders of the brewery, James, Charlie and Julian have many years experience in business and manufacturing, they are responsible for the commercial side of the business and ensuring the great beers that are produced meet with the great British public.

We’ve come a long way in our early years, in the first 6 months we researched and sourced the best equipment for brewing excellent beer and developed previously disused premises into a fully functioning brewery. We gained all the necessary accreditations to own and run a brewery, with HMRC, customs and excise, local planning, police and fire services, gained SIBA membership, became an Assured Independent British Craft Brewery and achieved our Alcohol Wholesale Registration scheme acceptance. We have also found time to gain a 5 out of 5 food hygiene rating. In recent months we have successfully completed WOWGR and EMCS registrations to allow us to progress the import and export side of the business.




t: 01291 408240


Baa Brewing
Unit 4 Station Road Industrial Estate,
NP16 5PF