The UK market remains a key target for many of the Atlantic Food Export companies despite the uncertainties thrown up by Brexit. Export sales development is a process that requires long term thinking and the strong trade between the UK and the rest of Europe will go on. British consumer have traditionally been very interested in quality food from around the world and are very open to trying new things. BIC Innovation in Wales put on 2 webinars for AFE participants trying to get to grips with the practicalities of selling into the UK from January 2021 forwards. The webinars were presented by Kevin Shakespeare from the Institute of Export and International Trade in September 2020 and you can find the links to the presentations below. The first webinar was for food companies generally whilst the second focused on the needs of drinks companies.

You can also watch the webinars in full on these links

Food:  (Pdf presentation: 200920 Trading in 2021 Post Transition Period_food)

Beverages:  (Pdf presentation: 200920 Trading in 2021 Post Transition Period Beverages)